If you are a developer or someone that wants to start using artificial intelligence (AI), you might want to check out some of the top AI startups. These startups are creating technology that will change the way you look at data and how you do business. This includes things like predictive analytics, augmented reality, natural language processing, and more.

Amplified AI

Amplified AI is a startup that uses artificial intelligence to make high quality prior art easy to find. It works by blending keyword-based filtering with AI-based conceptual sorting. The result is a faster and more efficient method for searching and analyzing patents.

The company's vision was to reduce the cost and time required for identifying relevant patents. Searching for patents is expensive and tedious.

Founders Sam Davis and David Larkins wanted to make researching papers and patents easier. They created an AI system that automatically tracks references, learns about the content of patents, and tracks annotations. Their technology is now used by hundreds of companies across a variety of industries.

Cloudwalk Technologies

Cloudwalk Technologies is a top AI startup based in China. The company is a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions for the finance, travel, and public security industries. Its primary product is a facial recognition system.

Cloudwalk Technology is an AI company that aims to provide artificial intelligence solutions to improve human life. It has been backed by investors such as Shunwei Capital and Puhua Capital. As of October 2018, the company was valued at up to 23 billion yuan.


SenseTime is one of China's leading AI companies. It offers technology for augmented reality and facial recognition. They are also developing self-driving systems and AI for smart cities. The company is one of the founding members of the Global Artificial Intelligence Academic Alliance.

SenseTime is also a member of the Chinese government's national AI team. Their work has been deployed in education, healthcare, and online entertainment. SenseTime is working with Honda Motor, a Japanese car manufacturer, on autonomous driving technology.


As one of the fastest growing financial technology firms in Pittsburgh, iraLogix is changing the way people access their IRAs. The company has grown its employee base to 82 in its Nova Tower One headquarters. They report an annual growth rate of over 100% for the last three years.

iraLogix is a leader in cloud-based services that offer unique technology solutions. Their services help provide individuals with individual retirement accounts at a fraction of the cost of traditional accounts.

Bloomfield Robotics

Bloomfield Robotics is a robotics company that uses artificial intelligence to automate the inspection of crops. The company's cameras use machine vision and deep learning to capture images of plants and upload them to the cloud. This data is then analyzed to provide insights on the health of the crop.

The company's Intelligent Plant Touch Robot can deploy penetrometers, sensors, and other equipment that require contact. It can also provide plant-by-plant assessments throughout the growing season.

The company also has a partnership with Japanese farm equipment manufacturer Kubota. They have formed a strategic alliance to speed up Kubota's transition to smart agriculture.


For three years, artificial intelligence startup x.ai has been working on a virtual assistant. The company has been building the technology's core infrastructure and training its virtual assistants by amassing a huge data set. They've scheduled hundreds of thousands of meetings with people across a variety of industries. With this technology, the company's virtual assistants can now schedule meetings without the need for back and forth conversations.

One of the largest markets for AI-powered solutions is call centers. A growing crop of startups is looking to address the challenge. Using artificial intelligence, these startups can make sure that customers are receiving the right information at the right time.


To analyize AI startups, it's important to understand their business model. This is the foundation for success when it comes to commercializing a new technology. If a startup does not have an effective business model, it is unlikely that it will achieve any significant impact.

A good AI startup business model should be able to withstand the test of time. Ideally, it should be able to grow and evolve with the needs of its customers. It should also have a clear vision. The best companies should be able to articulate this vision at all times, irrespective of its size.

Infinity AI

Infinity AI, a startup that democratizes access to training data, recently raised $5 million in seed funding. Its founders have been in the AI industry for a number of years, and they have a unique mix of technical depth and insight into the future of AI.

The company uses generative techniques to generate synthetic videos from real-world video. These videos can meet statistical distributions that are required for avatar appearance. With Infinity's self-serve API, engineers can upload real-world video and generate hundreds of synthetic videos.